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Last updated:
3 June 2016

Although Virus and spyware are catching headlines all over the world, many people might not realise their PCs or even Macs are infected with one or more of such mal-wares.

The effects can be just minor annoyances such as slow performance, unwanted spam and pop-up advertisting. For businesses who rely heavily on their computer systems, this can cause major financial losses.

The automated spyware removal tools generally remove majority of malware currently known to them, we can however do a manual removal of some of the more pesky malware that might not be removable by the automated tools. Contact Us if you need help in removing virus/malware or tuning up your PCs. Also talk to us about how to protect yourself from Ransomwares!

We use and recommend NOD32 anti-virus and anti-spyware software.

NOD32 authorised reseller

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