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Last updated:
16 January 2009

We specialises in data extraction and conversion, enabling businesses to import/export data between different systems, even if their applications do not provide an export facility.

Our lead consultant has been involved in major system integration projects with Reserve Bank NZ, London Underground, Beijing Airport, Telekom Malaysia, TransPower, ANSTO, Limerick University.

The largest project was the integration of Telecom NZ's nation wide access control system and photo ID system at their Palmerston North control centre.

Recent projects:
  • Custom made quotation & invoicing system combining multiple data sources into one simple point and click package.
  • Upgrading a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) package for a local company. We have just merged 5 separate databases to simplify one of their operations, two more major databases will also be restructured in the near future.
  • Integrating Quickbook data with a wireless online ordering system
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