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Last updated:
16 January 2009

The A4Tech BatteryFREE Wireless Optical Mouse does not need batteries to keep powered on. It works with its partner - the Ingenious Mouse Pad. The Mouse Pad transfers instant & constant power to the mouse as replacement of batteries. This is "Electromagnetic Induction Technology".

The core of BatteryLESS Technology, the Ingenious Mouse Pad, transfers the power inductively and powered on the BatteryFREE Wireless Optical Mouse. The Mouse Pad is specially designed to be waterproof and does not warm or heat up after constant long period of usage. Moreover, its size is small to be portable, just the right size for mouse to operate upon.

Battery LESS Technology brings enormous benefits to the public. Consumers will never waste money and time to buy batteries again and continuously saves hundreds of dollars. Not only do the consumers benefit from the Battery LESS Technology, our natural living environment will greatly escape from preservation or pollution caused by used batteries.

This marvelleous mouse is light as a feather without heavy batteries,
contact us today and start enjoying saving on battery cost!