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Last updated:
16 January 2009
Having more than one PC is no longer restricted to business offices. Many people have a desktop and laptop PC, people are also spending more time working at home these days. With the advent of cheaper broadband internet access, it makes sense to network all these PCs together and share the broadband connection.

Furthermore, with the increased speed of broadband internet connection, working from home and still having full access to the office resources is no longer science fiction material. There are a number of options for remote access, from using the free software built into Windows XP to one of the customised VPN solutions.

Networks are indespensible these days not just in offices, but also at home. Networking allows you to share resources such as your printers, high capacity storage and broadband internet connections. You can share your library of electronic media such as music, movies and photos across a network, even between different platforms such as Windows XP/Vista and Apple Macintosh (Mac OSX).

Wireless networks allow you to use these resources without installing expensive and cumbersome wiring. A WiFi equipped laptop gives you complete freedom, you can access all your files and email in the boardroom, or even out on the deck by the swimming pool.

With the advent of wireless hot spots and CafeNet, you can easily surf the net and download your email while sipping coffee at your favourite cafe. With the increasingly mobile work force, mobile data is becoming more popular and accessible. If you have a need to stay on the pulse while on the road, Telecom and Vodafone has dropped their mobile data cost dramatically in the past year.

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